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Video First Platform
Meet founders looking for help solving problems
We interview founders, executives, and hiring managers so you can learn about their business and the problems they’re looking for side hustlers to help solve.
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Search 100’s of side hustle opportunities
Everyday our team goes to work to source exclusive remote side hustle opportunities across engineering, design, marketing, operations, finance, legal, and more!
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Stealth Profiles
Apply to side hustle opportunities while keeping your profile hidden
Profiles are only visible to the companies yo apply for so your boss will never know you're looking for a side hustles
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HustleWing Side Hustles
5-10 hours per week
Fixed monthly payment
Flexible around your full-time job
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Get in front of 150K+ tech professionals
Solve your most complex problems with specialists from top companies hustling for you on the side for ~10% of their full time rate.
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