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Welcome to the darknet of work.

If you can keep a secret, the top talent in the world will hustle for you on nights and weekends for a fraction of their market rate.

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Access 100,000+ stealth professionals

Join 100,000+ professionals from top companies.

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Tap into stealth talent.

The best people are currently working at winning companies. They know the strategies and tactics that are working right now. People at agencies and people looking for jobs don’t  Lucky for you, they are bored at their jobs and looking to work on exciting projects on the side.  They want to hustle and willing to do it for a fraction of their market cost if you keep things flexible and confidential .

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Hire without compromise.

Access top performers who have full time jobs, but are looking to leverage their skills and open capacity to help companies like yours.


HustleWing members have their salary and benefits covered by their employer, so they don't need their full cost covered by you.


HustleWing doesn't get in your way. Reach out to professionals directly and if they're a good fit they can started immediately.

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Access talent directly.

No middleman. No markup. No recruiting fees.

Browse through thousands of anonymous profiles of top talent and reach out directly with zero cost.  Augment your team with amazing talent working on the side or test out candidates before making full time offers.  We don’t charge a fee either way.

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